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Robot Virtual Worlds - VEX 4.x - Building License [RENEWAL]

Starting at: $399.00

  • Manufactured by: Robotics Academy

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Product Overview:

This product is for a Building License RENEWAL for ROBOTC for VEX Robotics 4.x.
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If you do not have a Building License already, click here to purchase a Building License


This will be a digital copy. You will receive your digital copy via email within 1-3 business days.


Building Licenses are available to US Customers ONLY



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Additional Information:

ROBOTC 4.0 Building License

  • This is a Periodic Building license of ROBOTC for version 4.0 and any hot-fix updates (minor fixes and bug fixes).

  • This version does not require an Internet connection to install or activate.

  • This license is for the selected number of installations (choice of 30, 60, 90, or unlimited) of the software, limited to a single school or campus building.

  • This license will be valid from the date of purchase until July 1st of the following year.


Maintenance Plan

  • The Maintenance plan guarantees that the licensee will receive any updates to ROBOTC at zero cost during the term of their license. These updates may come as a digital download as opposed to a physical disk.

  • The Maintenance Plan will also guarantee that the customer will receive any major ROBOTC feature improvements and updates (in addition to minor updates) at no cost during the length of the maintenance plan.

  • The Maintenance plan also covers four (4) customer support incidents during each year of the licensee’s contract.


License Definition

  • Building – A building license is limited to a single school or campus building – this license specifically does not extend to an entire school system or school district.
    This license grants personal use by instructor for tasks related to class work, projects and other preparation. This license specifically does not cover student’s personal computers.

  • This license is non-transferable for the term of the license.


Loading ROBOTC onto Student-Used Laptops (that leave the school building):

  • If the school owns the laptop, the school may load the ROBOTC Building License onto the student laptop. This would be just as if it was an extension of a school lab that students are allowed to take home to use during the school year.
  • If the student/parent owns the laptop, the school may NOT use the ROBOTC Building License on this computer. The school should instead purchase a classroom license (30 seat license) to load onto the student laptops and manage the licenses themselves (via the Deactivate ROBOTC option).