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How to create a Quote

If you would like to create a Quote through our store, please continue purchasing as if you were buying the the products.


We are an official re-seller of IFI VEX Robotics products. If you would like a quote on VEX products that are not in this store, please email us or call us. If you want to send in a Purchase Order (PO) using the Quote you generated from the system, please email, fax, or mail out your Purchase Order (PO) here:




Robomatter Inc
1151 Freeport Rd. Suite 161
Pittsburgh, PA 15238-3103


We will NOT process Purchase Orders (PO) until proper Purchase Order regulation requirements are sent.



The steps below provide instructions on how to create a Quote through our store:

Steps Overview

  1. Add products to cart
  2. Click Checkout when finished
  3. Register an account with our store
  4. Choose shipping method
  5. Select "Create a Quote"


Step 1: Add products to cart

Find the product(s) you would like to include in your Quote. Click on the "Add to Cart" button to add the item to your cart.



Step 2: Go to your shopping cart and click Checkout when finished

Go to your cart and click Checkout when finished adding products to your Quote.



Step 3: Register an account with our store (Optional)

You can choose to Checkout as a Guest, or Register for an account. If you are Registering, fill out the information in order to register for an account with our store. This information is used in order to send the Quote to you. Please make sure you correctly fill out the Email address field. Otherwise, sign in to the store with your account. You may have to click Checkout again if you are signing in.



Step 4: Choose Shipping Method

Select your preferred shipping method. Click "Continue Checkout".



Step 5: Select "Create a Quote (No purchases, just pricing)"

Select "Create a Quote (No purchases, just pricing)" for your method of payment. Click "Continue Checkout".



You will receive an "Order Confirmation" via email, which will contain the items for your quote. Keep in mind that nothing will be shipped out to you because this is just a Quote.