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How to apply for grants

Money is hard to get.. we know.

Grants are hard to come by, and when you do find one, you want to make sure that it's written well.

Below you will find sources for finding grants:


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Allyn Family Foundation

Submit proposals in letter format to the appropriate address, preferably by June 30. It is suggested that a brief proposal be originally submitted and, if the matter is one of interest to the trustees, a more detailed proposal may be required.


Constellation Energy Group

The group recognizes education as the foundation of economic and personal growth.


Fleishhacker Foundation
The main education grant priorities of this foundation are to improve K-12 students learning skills and teacher professional development.

Humana Foundation
Grants are primarily directed to educational programs for youth in Grades K-12. Funding is provided to local, state, provincial, and regional educational institutions, libraries, and programs that provide ongoing support.

Kerr Foundation

This foundation supports 501(c)3 organizations, programs, and institutions that provide new or enhanced opportunity in the areas of education, health, and cultural development.


Teacher's Pet
Grant tip geared specifically toward teachers smaller projects


Dollar General

Dollar General supports literacy programs directed at schools and libraries in communities where they are located. The available grant has a May 21 deadline.


Education Blueprints Association
The Education Blueprints Association provides learning resources that deliver education solutions for individuals, teachers, and students. They provide programs that engage students/learners, as well as learning tools and courses that challenge learners to achieve excellence in education and life. By providing resources and programs for teachers, they will increase their skills through transformative learning experiences for their students.

LEGO® Education Workshop Grant

This grant program, offered by EBA, is available to help fund teachers using LEGO® Education products to facilitate hands-on workshops at national, state, or regional conferences or events by reimbursing qualified facilitators for expenses.


LEGO Education Showcase Grant

The LEGO Education Showcase Grant Program, offered by EBA, is available to current LEGO Education customers who want to showcase their investment in the LEGO Education System for Learning through a hands-on community activity.